Gemeinde Halblech

Seitentitel: In Summertime
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Traditional living

These friendly an cordial people with their inspiring carefree style of living make me feel at home.

For families, for sport enthusiasts and for those who simply enjoy peace and quiet - the rural life offers something for everyone - an ideal place for a holiday.

People live in harmony with nature

Make your holiday a delightful experience.

Halblech, which is actually the smallest of the three holiday resorts (Buching, Halblech, Trauchgau), has given it's name to the largest community in Ostallgäu. The three well known resorts, Halblech, Buching and Trauchgau, are located on the Romantic Road (Romantische Straße), a scenic route, which extends from Würzburg to the King's Corner in Füssen and passes the nearby castles of King Ludwig II.

Living is quite easy

Green meadows, rolling hills and a wide valley describe the features of this charming area at the foot of the Alps. In the distance the high peaks of the Ammergauer mountains can be seen, including the Hochplatte (2.082 m), which is the highest mountain in Ostallgäu, and the Geiselstein (1.884 m), which is known as the "Ostallgäuer Matterhorn". No wonder the Bavarian Kings were so very fond of the region. This intact and unspoiled area offers the best conditions for a hoiday full of activities.

An ode to real nature

Marked mountain trails lead you to rhododendrons and chamois, to mountain peaks and to typical wooden cabins. Guided walking tours make excursions easier for families who want to enjoy nature in an unfamiliar environment. To top it off, take a break and enjoy a traditional snack in style in a wooden cabin.

Every step you take, takes you that much closer feeling free. Is it the pleasant scents, the delightful sounds or the rich colours?

This peace gives me strength

Charming views, heavenly foot paths along the bank, sunny lawns for sunbathing - what more do I want.

Sailing, wind surfing, fishing, bathing or simply lying in the sun - the lake district is at your doorstep offering true relaxation. Forggensee, the 4th largest lake in Bavaria, has a fleet of sailboats. It is pure enjoyment for children to be able to take a boat trip on the lake. No matter which water activities you prefer - you just have to take your pick.