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Below you will find the following information:

  • Price information
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Accommodation contract
  • General terms and conditions of business

You can always contact your landlord or the tourist information office in Halblech should you have any questions.

Prices & Accommodation Booking

In our booking information, prices are shown for all accommodation on offer.  The order of the houses in the accommodation list  does not represent any hierarchy.

Price information

  • The prices listed are frame rates and are dependant on the type, location and facilities of the rooms.  As a price agreement,  the host's offer price is the actual inclusive price, ie, the price includes all utilities, unless it is expressly referred to as an additional cost.
  • For apartments, the price depends on the size, number of persons and the season. It generally applies to the rent per day. The final cleaning of apartments is included in the price unless it is specified otherwise by the landlord. Almost all landlords have the final cleaning included in the price.
  • The resort tax is not included in the room rate unless agreed with the host in the contract.
  • The price information and information texts are based on the specifications of the individual hosts, who are also responsible for facilities and state of the rooms described. Guest Information assumes no liability.

Accommodation Booking

  • Some establishments offer direct booking on their websites.
  • If you do not want to take up the booking or opt for another house, send your accommodation requirements directly to the listed companies.
  • Guest Information cannot offer any recommendations on individual houses.
  • Guest information only provides information insofar as it is compatible with their character of being  a neutral service.
  • By making your booking, you agree to comply with the provisions of the accommodation contract by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA).

Accommodation Contract

Rights and obligations arising from the accommodation contract:

  1. The lodging agreement is concluded as soon as the room and ordered facilities is confirmed either in writing or as  promised when it is not possible for time reasons to confirm in any other way. 
  2. The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges the parties to fulfill the contract, regardless of the duration of when the contract is completed.
  3. Your host (hotel owner) is obliged to inform the guest of how much he must pay in compensation for cancellation of the room.
  4. The guest is obliged to pay in case of non-use of contractual services to the agreed or customary price, less the amount saved from the host's expenses.
  5. The landlord is obliged in good faith to re-let unused rooms due to cancellation or non-appearance of the guest.  b)  to re-let the room of the guest for the duration of the agreement as calculated under paragraph 4,  amount of compensation to be paid on cancellation.
  6. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the host's domain.

Tip: We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. You can book this from our office or alternatively we can send you an insurance form.

General terms and conditions of business


Guest Information Halblech arranges accommodation in collective accommodation establishments (hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and apartments), hereinafter "BHB" abbreviated, insofar as it is effectively agreed in Halblech.  The following terms and conditions, in accordance with the current offer, apply between the guest and the BHB and comes into effect as soon as the guest accommodation contract and regulations become valid, in addition to the statutory provisions of the contractual relationship between the guest and the BHB and the intermediary activity of Guest Information  Halblech. Please read these terms carefully.

1. Position of the Guest Information Halblech

1.1. Guest Information Halblech has, unless agreed otherwise, expressly taken only the position of a mediator.

1.2. It is not liable for the information provided by the BHB services and poor performance regarding services to be provided by the BHB.

1.3  Any liability of Guest Information Halblech from the mediation agreement shall remain unaffected

2.  Conclusion of Contract

2.1. After the reservation that the guest makes with the BHB, the accommodation contract thereafter is binding. This offer is based on the description of the accommodation and the supplementary information provided at the time of  booking  (such as a description, explanation of the classification) as was available to the customer.

2.2. Travel agents - with the exception of the Guest Information Halblech itself - are not authorized to enter into agreements, provide information or make assurances that amend the agreed terms of the contract, or go beyond the contractually promised services of the BHB, or are contrary to the sub-origin description available.

2.3. Information in hotel guides and similar lists that are not published by the Guest Information Halblech or the BHB, are not binding on the BHB and its obligation, unless they have been made by express agreement with the host on the content of their obligation to BHB.

2.4. The booking can be made verbally, in writing, by phone, by fax or electronically (email, Internet). For electronic bookings from the guest,  the booking will be confirmed electronically without delay.

2.5. The booking party/guest or other client of the booking (companies, associations, group representatives), have for all contractual obligations of the booked guest in which the entry is made, to take the responsibility on their own, provided that they have accepted this obligation by an explicit and separate declaration.

2.6. The contract is concluded with the receipt of the acceptance, which requires no forms, with the consequence that verbal and telephone confirmations for the guest are legally binding. As a rule, the BHB or its representatives Guest Information Halblech is to provide  a written copy of the booking confirmation to the guest.

2.7. If the BHB or the Guest Information Halblech, at the request of the guest or client, accepts  a particular offer, then this is a binding contract offer from the BHB to the guest or client. In these cases, the contract, without requiring the corresponding re-confirmation, comes into being when a guest or client accepts this offer within the said offer period, without limitations, modifications or extensions by explicit declaration, down payment, remaining payment to accept accommodation.

3. Special conditions for groups

3.1  Unless otherwise expressly agreed in closed groups (eg school classes, clubs, college associations, companies, etc.), the contractor of the BHB is the respective institution or company. This has the full payment obligation for the price of the stay, extra costs, cancellation costs, pursuant to section 7 of these conditions, consumption-dependent costs and costs for additional services that are incurred during the stay.

3.2  The group representative is the legal representative of the group and its entities and the Guest Information Halblech, or the BHB can with legal binding, effect all the legal declarations, especially cancellations or warnings.

3.3. The client has booked a specific quota of accommodation and / or number of guests agreed, so there is  no  free right to cancel or terminate or to reduce the agreed numbers and / or quotas.   Likewise, a resignation, or dismissal are excluded by virtue of commercial usage. Elements of resignations, reduction of quotas or customer numbers that do not fully use the booked services and quotas are set forth in Paragraph. 7

4. Reservations

4.1. Non-binding reservations that justify free withdrawal are only possible with an explicit agreement with the Guest Information Halblech or the BHB.

4.2. If  for private guests a non-binding reservation has been agreed, the guest / client has to adhere to the agreed time of Guest Information Halblech  to respond to the message, if the reservation should be treated as a binding booking. Failing this, the reservation will be cancelled without further notification obligations from Guest Information Halblech. In case the confirmation is received, the booking is binding, even if the confirmation from the Guest Information Hablech arrives later.on

5. Prices and Services

5.1. The listed prices are final and include VAT and all additional costs, unless otherwise specified with respect to the utilities. They apply per person. Prices may be incurred separately, such as tourist tax and charges for consumption depending on invoiced services, eg. electricity, gas, water, firewood,  and for optional or additional services.

5.2. The amounts owed to the BHB result exclusively from the contents of the booking confirmation in connection with the valid prospect or building description including any supplementary services in which the guest / client  expressly agreed. The guest / client is advised to make supplementary agreements in writing.

5.3. For changes (changes to arrival and departure dates, length of stay, board and for any additionally booked services and/or other supplementary services), for which there is no legal entitlement

6. Payment

6.1. The amount of deposit and final payment will depend on the agreements made with the guest or client and noted in the booking confirmation scheme. If no special agreement has  been made, the entire accommodation price to the BHB,  including any amounts for additional costs and benefits, extra days, late payments charges, has to be paid.

6.2. Even without an explicit note in the booking confirmation, the BHB requires a deposit equal to 15% of the total price.

6.3. Payments in foreign currencies or with crossed cheque are not possible. Credit card payments are only possible if agreed by the BHBpolicy. Payments at the end of stay are not possible by bank transfer.

7. Cancellation and Not Arriving

7.1. In case of cancellation, the BHB is entitled to payment of the agreed total price, including the share of board and remunerations for added services not taken up.

7.2. The BHB shall endeavor as part of its ordinary business operations without being obliged, to make special efforts and take into account the specific nature of a property (eg.  non-smoking rooms, family rooms) to re-deploying the property.

7.3. The BHB is obliged to take into account  any money saved through another occupancy even if this is not possible.

7.4.Once the percentages have been calculated as stipulated by law, the guest or client shall pay the accommodation provider the following amounts based on the total price of the accommodation services (including all utilities such as tourist or visitor's tax) without taking into account any public charges:
For holiday apartments / accommodation without board 90%
with Bed / Breakfast 80%
with half-board 70%
for full board 60%

7.5. The guest / client reserves the right toprove to the BHB that the expenditures it saved are substantially higher than the aforementioned deductions or that another use of the accommodation services has occurred. In the case of such proof, the guest or client shall only be obliged to pay the correspondingly lower amount.

7.6. The purchase of a travel cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

7.7. The cancellationof the booking must be given to the Guest Information Halblech (and not to the host) and should be in writing in the interests of the guest.

8. Obligations of the customer, the BHB Serving Notice

8.1. The guest is obliged to inform the BHB of any defects and malfunctions without delay  and to demand redress. A notice of defect that occurs only in relation to the tourism office, is not sufficient. Failure to give notice of defects culpably, then the guest's claims may be omitted entirely or partially.

8.2. The guest may cancel the contract only with substantial defects or disturbances. He had previously notified the BHB about the context of the defect and allowed a reasonable deadline for them to remedy it unless that remedy was impossible, and was refused by the BHB;  or the immediate termination was justified in the interests of the guest that a continuation of the stay was unreasonable.

8.3. Accommodation of pets in the apartment is allowed only in case of an express agreement in this respect, if the BHB in the invitation to tender provides for that possibility. The guest is required under such arrangements to provide truthful information about the nature and size of pets. Violations may entitle the BHB to terminate the lodging agreement.

9. Liability

9.1. The contractual liability of the BHB for damages other than personal injury, is limited to three times the price of the stay, if the damage to the guest from the BHB was caused neither intentionally nor by gross negligence or if the BHB is responsible to the guest for damage incurred solely through the fault of a vicarious agent.

9.2. The innkeeper's liability to BHB for things brought in accordance with  §§ 701 ff., the BGB remains unaffected by this regulation.

9.3. The BHB is not liable for impairment of performance in connection with services that are recognizable and only arranged as external services during the stay of the guest / client (eg sports events, theatre visits, exhibitions, etc.). The same applies to third-party services that were mediated together with booking the property, other than those expressly identified in the description or the booking confirmation as external services.

10. Limitation

10.1. Claims of the guest / client from the accommodation contract against the BHB from the hotel contract and against the Guest Information Halblech from the mediation agreement, regardless of the legal reason - with the exception of claims from the guest / client  - shall expire after one year.

10.2. The statute of limitations begins at the end of the year in which the claim arose and takes into account the circumstances that justified the claim, and as the party liable became aware of without gross negligence.

10.3. Hovering between the guest and the BHB or the Guest Information Halblech, negotiations giving rise to claims, the statute of limitations is suspended until the guest or the BHB (or the tourist office) refuses the continuation of negotiations. The aforesaid limitation period is one year at the earliest and 3 months after the suspension ends.

11. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

11.1. The contractual relationship between the guest or client and the BHB or Guest Information Halblech is governed exclusively by German law. Accordinglyapplies to the other legal relationship.

11.2. The guest or client, the BHB or the Guest Information Halblech, can sue only at its local domain.

11.3. For complaints of the BHB or Guest Information Halblech to the guest or the contracting of the residence of the customer, shall prevail. For legal actions against guests or clients who are merchants, legal entities under public or private law, or persons who have your residence / business or habitual residence abroad, or whose place of residence / place of business or habitual residence at the time of action is not known, the place of jurisdiction is the seat of the BHB.

11.4. The foregoing provisions do not apply if with regards to the applicable contract, no mandatory regulations of the European Union or other international provisions are applicable.

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The mediating tourist office is the Gästeinformation Halblech