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Municipality Halblech

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Area public corporation

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1st Mayor

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Municipality Halblech
Trauchgau, Dorfstraße 18
D-87642 Halblech

Phone: +49 (0) 83 68/912 22 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 83 68/912 22-29

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Design, implementation, programming

Tanner Werbung GmbH, Hertinger Weg 3, 87484 Nesselwang
Phone: +49 (0) 8361-9207-0

The Tanner Werbung GmbH is a specialized agency for tourism communication and supervised tourism destinations and the upscale hotel business in the following areas: strategic consulting and planning, design, web / online communications and print communication.

Image sources and photographers:

  • Municipality Halblech
  • Photographer: Werner Böglmüller, Reiner Göhlich, Klaus-Peter-Kappest (hiking trilogy Allgäu), Wolfgang B. Kleiner, Peter Müller, Hubert Romeder, Marcelina Rymer, Arno Schaufler, Michael Straub, Robert Thaller.
  • More Photographers: Fridolin Guggemoos, Franz Lichtblau, Eduard Pfeiffer, Hilde Schiexl, Verena Stitzinger, Rosi Kapp, Museum of the Bavarian Kings: © by Wittelsbach Compensation Fund - MDBK. Photo: Marcus flattener, MDBK. Photo: Jörg Sattelberger, MDBK. Photo: Susanne Sagner
  • Image Clinic Buchberg: Clinic Buchenberg, Little Ringed Plover Bird by Dieter Hopf, image Breitenbergbahn: Pfronten Tourism (Photographer Erwin Reiter), image Hahnenkammbahn: Reutte (Photographer Robert Eder), image Alpspitzbahn: Nesselwang Marketing GmbH
  • Diverse images were provided by the Tourismusverband Ostallgäu,and the Allgäu GmbH
  • Loipenplan or winter hiking: HW-Verlag
  • Picture Archive Tanner Werbung GmbH
  • Pictures about destinations, ski lifts, lodges, spas and attractions were kindly provided by the respective operators.
  • Sailboats Images: Fotolia (Jenny Sturm and flyinger) Holzherz "Your best moment": DepositPhotos (Madllen) Motorcycle Tour: DepositPhotos (AnnaOmelchenko) Tavola Sunset: Fotolia (Nomad_Soul) Businessman signs: Fotolia (Gaius), Kloster Ettal: Fotolia (Klaus Rose)
  • Webcam: (Schimpel Online Marketing)

Event Photos

The selected images were provided by the guest information or made available by the Gästeinformation the municipality of Halblech.

Host data

Permission was obtained from the respective landlords to use the selected host images in the reservation system.



Gemeinde Halblech
Local authority of public law

Legal representatives:

1st Mayor Johann Gschwill

Address & Contact:
Gemeinde Halblech
Dorfstraße 18
D-87642 Halblech in the Allgäu

Telephone: +49 (0) 83 68/912 22 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 83 68/912 22 - 29

VAT number:
The community itself has no VAT number.
The belonging to the Tourist Information Halblech has the UST Id.-Nr. DE 128680135.

Responsible for content:

1st Mayor Johann Gschwill
Head of Tourist Information Irmengard Burkart
Telephone: +49 (0) 83 68/912 22 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 83 68/912 22 - 29

Technical implementation:

Tanner Advertising GmbH, Hertinger Weg 3, 87484 Nesselwang
Phone: 08361-9207-0


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Image sources and photographers:
Tourist-Information Halblech
Photographers: Werner Böglmüller, Reiner Göhlich, Klaus-Peter-Kappest (hiking trilogy Allgäu), Wolfgang B. Kleiner, Peter Müller, Hubert Romeder, Marcelina Rymer, Arno Schaufler, Michael Straub, Robert Thaller
Further photographers: Fridolin Guggemoos, Franz Lichtblau, Eduard Pfeiffer, Hilde Schiexl, Verena Stitzinger, Rosi Kapp, Museum of the Bavarian Kings: © by Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds - MdbK. Photo: Marcus Ebener, MdbK. Photo: Jörg Sattelberger, MdbK. Photo: Susanne Sagner, Hans Gschwill
Picture Klinik Buching: Buching Clinic, picture Vogel Little Ringed Plover by Dieter Hopf, picture Breitenbergbahn: Pfronten Tourismus (photographer Erwin Reiter), picture Hahnenkammbahn: Reutte Nature Park Region (photographer Robert Eder), picture Alpspitzbahn: Nesselwang Marketing GmbH
Various image images were provided by the Tourismusverband Ostallgäu,
as well as the Allgäu GmbH
Trail plan or winter hikes: HW-Verlag
Image archive Tanner Werbung GmbH
Pictures of excursion destinations, mountain railways, cabins, baths and sights were kindly provided by the respective operators.
Sail pictures: fotolia (Jenny Sturm and flyinger), Woodheard "Your best experience": Depositphotos (Madllen), Motorcycle Tour: Depositphotos (AnnaOmelchenko), Table Setting Sunset: fotolia (Nomad_Soul), Businessman signs: fotolia (Gajus), Ettal Monastery: fotolia (Klaus Rose)

 Webcam: (Schimpel Online Marketing)

 Event Photos:
 The images were provided to the guest information by the organizer or event visitors or made by the Tourist information Halblech.

Host data:

The set host pictures and texts to the lodging establishments in the reservation system were made available to the Tourist information directly by the appropriate landlord for the representation of the enterprise.

Illustrated maps:

- As a map, the Bayernatlas of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, Development and Homeland was made available to us.

- The cycling and hiking trails include tours of the outdoor platform

- GoogleMaps is integrated with the arrival info and the route planner.


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