Holidays for the soul

Our day-to-day life demands more and more. Time is precious. All the more reason  to have a holiday - it is essential to prevent fatigue.

We invite you for a holiday in Halblech in order to:

  • „re-charge your body with pure energy“
  • let your spirit flow and just relax  or  
  • regain energy and power for your daily routine

Load up your energy with pure nature

We have many places in our community to restore your energy, for example, the church of St. Peter in Berghof or the Wankerfleck (Kenzen area). But actually the whole community is a natural paradise:  more than half of the area consists of majestic mountains, lush meadows and clear lakes – these are places for a perfect retreat - just take a deep breath – and top up all your senses.

  • A place to find themselves again and to regenerate
  • to listen to the sound of a royal landscape
  • Conscious awareness of its natural treasures
  • Listen carefully and you will discover the secret of Halblech

We wish that your soul will be brighter and brighter during your stay in Halblech. Take home with you your favourite place as a picture, and in times of tenseness, just recall the beauty of this place into your mind – finally, relax and come back to a healthy rhythm.