Immerse yourself  into the miraculous world of the mountains

For centuries, the mountains have been areas of human longing.  Halblech owns a favourable location at the foot of the Ammer mountains having a fantastic view to the summits of the Allgäu Alps. This stunning panorama is fascinating for tourists and locals.

Der Geiselstein im Sommer

No matter where you are

  • in one of our most beautiful scenic spots
  • going up and down with the chairlift of Buchenberg
  • travelling with our hiking bus to the Kenzen area – the favourite place of King Ludwig II
  • or on our  broad network of footpaths (200 km) which are well signposted.

You will be impressed by the magic of the mountains.

In our community we have both grass-covered and tree-covered mountains at medium heights (Buchenberg 1142m) and the striking rock formations such as Geiselstein and Hochplatte – at 2082  meters, the highest mountain of Ostallgäu (East Allgäu).