Holidays in Allgäu

Families have a good reason to spend their summer holidays year in, year out, in Halblech. Ideal combinations of mountains, lakes, unspoiled nature, authentic lifestyle, famous sights and many activities and attractions for kids within and around Halblech.

Skiing belongs to the joy of winter, with sledging, building snowmen, horse-drawn carriage sledging, snow walking and ice skating for families.

Naturerlebnisse für Kinder, Halblech im Allgäu

Allgäu-Highlights for Family-Holidays

The Allgäu offers various leisure activities for families. Already nature has created a gigantic playground!

  • Walderlebniszentrum

Füssen-Ziegelwies, 10 minutes by car from Halblech

Learn how particulary important the forest is, the habitat for plant and animal life, and plenty of recreation areas for holiday makers. Take a closer step to

the beautiful world of nature.

• Free parking, exhibition and adventure path.

• Treetop path admission 4 Euro.

• Dogs welcome, suitable for buggies and wheelchairs.

• Discover three different natural paths of the forest - and take your time - the routes are suitable for children.

• The large information centre explains all the functions of the forest with examples and full-size animals as well as beekeeping. The centre is child-friendly and includes a play area.

• The tree-top way is 480 meters long, 21 meters high, made out of wood - and one of our highlights! Amidst impressive scenery, overwhelming panorama views, the wild river landscape, and the forest.

Summer toboggan run Tegelberg

Valley station Tegelberg 10 minutes by car

The summer toboggan run is 760 meters long and a great experience for big and small kids - fantastic landscape views to enjoy whilst sliding down!

• there is a beer garden, a children's playground, small kid's scooter ride and a water works around the station.

  • Forest rope garden and butterfly house in Pfronten

Pfronten 20 minutes car drive

• The forest rope garden Höllschlucht in Pfronten offers the perfect mixture of the adventure and experience of nature:

• forest rope garden for 11 parcours and over 100 diversified tasks - also for beginners.

• an exciting 3D archery course

• refreshment points and parking places

Butterfly house

The Greenhouse Hartmann of Pfronten shows a fascinating world:

• in a subtropical climate you can see exotic free-flying butterflies from South America, Africa and Asia.

• discover different types of butterflies in all its fascinating colours.

• accordingly elaborated house plants installed to give the butterflies a natural environment.

• a great experience!

DAV Climbing Centre of Rieden

Rieden 15 minutes car drive

• an eldorado for climbing fans, also for beginners

• 880 square meter indoor hall, 15 m high climbs with almost all degrees of difficulties

• inside and outside boulder areas

• training course possibilities

Schongau Fairy Tale Woods and Animal Park

Schongau, 25 minutes by car

• well-known fairy tale motives were built up in the park to create a picturesque experience of the past

• a circular route leads you to different fairy-tale-stations

• some animals are waiting to be tenderly caressed and fed, such as pot-bellied pigs, sheep, and many bird aviaries.

Leisure pools around Halblech

Bad weather? Not with us: There are many alternatives:

• Cheerful splashing fun and sauna in Schongau (Plantsch Badespaß und Saunaland) 30 minutes by car

• ABC Erlebnisbad and Sauna paradise in Nesselwang. 30 minutes by car.

• Alpentherme Reutte (Tirol) 35 minutes by car.


Wertach - approx. 40 minutes by car

• particularly attractive in bad weather, the indoorpark-playground hall offers many possibilities (open all day).

• 3000 square meters of playground for the little ones.

• a dragon fort of 10 meter high, electric cars for those who like to be Michael Schumacher (formula -1 fans)

• climbing tower, hills and jungle gym

• and, of course, a restaurant area

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