Favourite Places of the royal family

The „Wittelbacher“ is the name of an aristocratic family from which the Bavarian dukes and kings originated. The entire family was absolutely mountain enthusiasts. Queen Marie, the mother of King Ludwig II, wandered with joy in the mountains and in 1863 she climbed up with her son to the Hochplatte, the highest mountain of our region (2082 m).

In addition to the castles, the royal family owned a great deal of hunting and

mountain huts which they frequently visited. This tradition was passed down to the Uncle, Prinzregent Luitpold, after the death of King Ludwig II .

In 1850, King Maximilian II – the father of the fairy tale king - owned a hunting lodge in Halblech, 300 meters away from the current Kenzenhütte. King Ludwig II changed the lodge in 1880 into a „Königshäusle“ with additional huts for footman and horses.

Die Gams zeigt sich an der Hochplatte - Ein Schattenbild- meist im Juli in Halblech
Schattenrisse svg Favourite Places in our village

Two of his favourite places were the „Kenzenwasserfall“ (waterfall) and the „Wankerfleck“ which still exists today: idyllic places with a great view of the striking „Geiselstein“.

You reach this places by Kenzenbus. For more informations take the link.

Wankerfleck - Ein Lieblingsplatz von König Ludwig II.

Kenzenhütte (Kenzenlodge)

die urige Kenzenhütte

Kenzenwasserfall (Kenzen waterfall)

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