Amazing panorama within a natural landscape!

Take a breath – a deep breath, and feel the nature in all its fullness and serenity. Experience the beauty of meadows, forests, hills and mountains, rivers and lakes, tranquil moors, lush pastures, flowers and animals. Here you can find eagles, chamois and a lot of rare precious flowers. Halblech is the gateway to the nature reserve Ammergebirge und offers a picturesque storybook landscape.

Buching, Trauchgau and Halblech lies with its hamlets in a wide valley leading directly into the mountains. A perfect complement are the four lakes (ideal for swimming) which shine like precious gems embedded in the landscape.

Illasbergsee bei Halblech Allgaeu Urlaub
Our tip:

Listen to the sounds of a royal landscape!

Halblech is a hymn to a genuine natural landscape. The beauty of a spectacular mountain panorama, dreamlike lakes and world famous sights, creates an equal composition of nature and royalty.

Just listen and meditate - feel the harmonious triad of nature, humankind and history. The sound of silence provides you with a special divine power.

Listen carefully and the secret of Halblech can be discovered!

Rainbow over Trauchgau Bavaria

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