Day Trips

Day Trips including directions

Travelling day by day from hotel to hotel? We have a better idea!

Just stay at one location and discover something new each day. Our village is so perfectly located - in the Allgäu and very close to sights of famous worldwide attractions as well as its neighbouring regions of Upper Bavaria and Tirol (Austria).

In the menu worth seeing at a glance all trip destinations are listed.

The tourist office

recommends for you:

Castles route

On the tracks of King Luwig

Take the Romantic Road B17 to Hohenschwangau Castle (11km). After Bannwaldsee you will see the church of St. Coloman - turn left here. (well signposted)

• visit Hohenschwangau Castle

• visit Neuschwanstein Castle (by foot, carriage ride or by bus)

• take a walk to the Marienbrücke (Mary's bridge) – magnificent view –afterwards to the viewpoint on the mountain of youth (Jugend)

• short walk to Alpsee (lake)

• possible visit to the Museum of Bavarian kings

• possible ride with the cable car to the Tegelberg mountain

Return to Halblech

You will notice that the electronic guestcard enables you to travel on the bus without charge.

Complete distance: 22km

360-degree image - viewing platform in front of Neuschwanstein Castle

Culture day in Halblech

Walking through the village starting in Buching – Tourist Office (Bergstr. 2a), cross the Romantic Road into Forggensee Street, passing the metal artwork shop (left side) in the direction of Bayerniederhofen – before the big church, you will see the small historic church Dreifaltigkeit and the tall Maypole proudly standing in the field there.

Kapelle St. Peter

Pfarrkirche St. Michael in Bayerniederhofen

Visit the pretty Baroque Church of St. Michael. The parish church was built from 1701 until 1703 by Thomas Natter and Joseph Miller; and the stucco of Mattias Stillere in the year 1708.

And on it goes passing three beautiful fountains and heritage-protected buildings. The Illasbergseestraße leads you on to the junction of the district road – just cross this street, go straight ahead up Falkenstraße and follow the signs for Kapelle St. Peter..

• In a short distance of only 200 m by foot and you will have reached the chapel, built in the 17th Century. A treasure – inviting you for a special moment of silence.

• The front of the chapel offers a spectacular panorama sight towards the mountains, lakes and castles. (Another possibility to reach the chapel: park in the small carpark down on the main road by the Berghof signpost and follow the way of the Cross Stations up to the chapel)

• .......after St.Peter follow the Pfarrer-Mayer-Path along orchid-rich, neglected grasslands and springs until the small river Halblech, which gives our village its name. At the river, turn right and walk until the Kenzen carpark.

• A ride with the Kenzenbus (approx. 30 minutes) to Kenzenhütte passing the wild and romantic Halblech, the Wankerfleck chapel, Hochweiden and the impressive mountain, Geiselstein, ends up with a stop at the Kenzenhütte (hut). For information and travel times, please click here

• Walk to the waterfall (10 Minutes) – favourite spot of King Ludwig II.

• Return by bus to Halblech carpark.

Brotzeit auf der Kenzenhütte

Church St. Andreas in Trauchgau

• From the bus stop, cross the Halblech bridge and turn right into the Kapellenweg. The path leads through fields to the village of Trauchgau accompanied by beautiful houses to Branntweingasse. At the end, turn left and after a short distance you will see the idyllic church square with fountain.

• Visit the parish church of St. Andreas – built by Mathias Left of Schwangau in 1808.

• Turn left from the church square and immediately right into the Reichenstraße. After 100m follow the sign to

• Village Museum Trauchgau

The former farmhouse of Trauchgau „Hölzle“ (housename) being owned by the monastery of St. Mang in Füssen (around 1500). Today the museum shows exhibition pieces of farming, wood industry, alpine economy, handcraft, as well as residential facilities, household goods, an old schoolroom and a church clockworks.

• Opening hours: The first Sunday of July until the third Sunday in September, on Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Visits can also be arranged for groups by arrangement.

• Return in the direction of the church – at the crossway turn right and first left into the Pfarrweg, passing the kindergarten until the little river Ach. Then take a pleasant walk along the Ach until you reach the Chapel Ach (1871)

• From here , you will find the bus stop on the other side of the street. Return to Buching with the free bus service using the Halblech-Card or Guestcard (check card format)

• Alternatively, walk back to Buching Guest Information Centre (4 km)


At the Dorfmuseum in Trauchgau:

Upper Bavaria and Tirol (Austria) - One day trip

Wieskirche, Oberammergau, Kloster Ettal und Schloss Linderhof

Wieskirche, Oberammergau, Kloster Ettal (Monastery) and Linderhof Castle

• Drive by car on the road B17 – romantic road or German Alpine Road - to Steingaden (former monastery with an interesting church). Just before the garage, turn right towards Oberammergau. Just over a hilltop you could visit the Wieskirche (for more information: – see „a trip to four churches“) or driving further, past Wildsteig, until the little lake of Schweigsee.

• at this point you could visit the „Schönegger Cheesemaker“ with the Pfaffenwinkler Milkway, otherwise continue

• on to the Echelsbacher Brücke. It’s worthwhile to take a short rest (parking place) and going up onto the bridge to have a look down to the river Ammer. (The bridge is the longest unique span Melan Arched Bridge in the world). On the left of the carpark, follow the main road B23 to Oberammergau.

Kirche in Steingaden
  • Famous Passion play village Oberammergau

Every ten years the Oberammergau Passion Play is held here – Over 1500 performers, mostly inhabitants of the village. Perfomed since 1633 after a vow from their ancestors during the plague, which shows the Passion, the life and suffering of Jesus Christ. The passion theater can be visited daily and do have a look behind its most interesting stage. Oberammergau with its beautifully painted houses, (called„Lüftlmalerei“) is absolutely worth seeing – best example shows the „Pilatushaus“ in which you are able to watch wood carvers producing great art - „the living workshop“.Leaving Oberammergau, drive on to Ettal in the direction of Garmisch-Partenkirchen on the main road B23.

  • Monastery Ettal

In 1330 the monastery was founded by Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian, in which monks are living and working to this day. The mighty Rococo Basilica is very impressive. The tabernacle niche shows a little holy statue of the Virgin Mary to which many sincere and faithful make a pilgrimage. The Emperor received the Holy Mary Statue in Rome.

From Ettal, drive back towards Oberammergau but turn left towards Linderhof Castle. This road leads you through the valley Graswandtal to

• From Ettal, drive back towards Oberammergau but turn left towards Linderhof Castle. This road leads you through the valley Graswandtal to

• Linderhof Castle

The smallest castle of King Ludwig II (some call it the bachelor apartment) is a magnificent, richly ornamented building. The palace park with the fountains are a special attraction including the 30m high water fountain, the little temple and the Venus Grotto. The Grotto is an artificial stalactite cave with a lake, a golden boat in shell-form and pleasant lighting effects.

Currently the Grotto is undergoing renovation. Please see under for further information or ask our team at the Halblech Tourist Office

• From the carpark, drive back to the main street and turn right to Austria, crossing the border (no toll charge). Follow this road through an archaic mountain landscape until


The Plansee (lake) has a deep-green colour and the road winds round the lake – follow this road and shortly before Reutte, take the bypass to

Füssen. (Alternatively, you may visit the castle ruin Ehrenberg in Reutte including the knight museum and also the longest foot suspension bridge in the world).

Follow the highway shortly before Füssen, keep right in the direction of Augsburg passing the wood experience centre of Ziegelwies and

Lechfall to the junction of Schwangau. Stay on this street until you reach

Halblech – and take a last look at the castles of Hohenschwangau and

Neuschwanstein on your right.

Travel distance in total: 109 km

Schloss Linderhof


Stroll through the old town, Visit the Monastery of St. Mang and Hohes Schloss – in the afternoon: enjoy the therme swimming pool in Schwangau.

• Take the bus (free of charge with the Halblech card) or on your own by car to Füssen, passing Schwangau (12 km)

• Leisure stroll through the pedestrian-zone and the historic town of Füssen.

• Visiting Hohes Schloss: The castle belongs to the most important profane building of German late gothic and in the past it was the summer residence of prince and bishops of Augsburg. Today it contains the branch gallery of the Bavarian State Collection of paintings as well as the municipal gallery. The view from the clock tower is spectacular. Next door you will find the former monastery of St. Mang with a beautiful Basilica, museum and baroque rooms like the „Kaisersaal“. A long history in Füssen is the lute and violin making industry which is shown in the museum. Both buildings are closed on Mondays. Single or combined tickets can be purchased.

• Driving back to Schwangau, turn left to

• Kristallthermal Schwangau: the thermal baths offers different saline pools, Hildegard-von-Bingen pool, natron pool and a fantastic sauna world with therapy section. A beautiful view of the castles will underline your relaxation.

• Back to the main road, turn left in Schwangau, passing the church of St. Coleman on the right hand the Bannwaldsee (lake) on the left and five minutes later you are home in Halblech.

Füssen an der Romantischen Straße

Tour to four churches

• Take your car and drive north on the main road B17 to Steingaden (upper Bavaria).

• In the middle of Steingaden, turn right towards the former Premonstratensian monastery. The architecture for the famous Wieskirche was built by the monastery and the Abbot. The romantic Basilica (named Welfenmünster) was redesigned in the 17th and 18th Century into the baroque style.

• After the visit, drive back to the main road and turn right. At the garage on the corner, turn right in the direction of Wieskirche. On the hilltop, follow the signs to Wieskirche and In the middle of the green meadow, you will see the



• The church was declared an Unesco Mankind Heritage world-wide site and is a Rococo Jewel. Also, on one side there is a famous architectural monument and on the other, a pilgrimage place for centuries - a place for contemplation and inner peace. The statue of the magnificent Christ is shown in the high altar and do have a look on the left and right of the Presbytery. The side corridors show a number of testimonies of living faith in text and picture. Since 2015 - in respect, as well as with the greatest esteem for the believers who like to pray in silence - official visitor opening hours have been changed.


• Leaving the Wieskirche just drive back to the crossroad turning right until the B23. You may like to visit the Schönegger Cheesemaker (Pfaffenwinkler Milkway) and the Echelsbacher Brücke (the unique longest span Melan Arched Bridge in the world). Shortly before the bridge, turn left in the direction of Rottenbuch – turn right again to

Rokoko-Juwel Wieskirche

Monastery Rottenbuch

This former Augustinian Canons Regular monastery is today a Don

Bosco Convent. The collegiate church was transformed into the parish church. Very seldom in our region will you find the independent bell tower. The church interior shows the rich Rococo-Stucco and the exterior is of Gothic construction - for some visitors, a secret favourite.

• Back to the main road – and head to Illgen.

• The Pilgrich church Mariae Heimsuchung can be seen at the Illgen crossing. Its name is also "the little Wies" and was built as a baroque church with no aisles. In front of the church, the B17 road leads you back to Halblech.

Driving distance total 46 km

• Aternative to Auerberg by car

In the middle of Steingaden drive right to Lechbruck and from there to

Bernbeuren and folllow the sign Auerberg to the top of the hill (1055m). The

church offers a viewing platform - go through the presbytery, then left

into the clock tower to the platform where a most impressive panorama view is waiting for you.

Kirchen Rottenbuch

Water and moutain day

Take a boat trip on the Forggensee and let your imagination float onto the mountain of Buchenberg.

  • From Halblech, head in the direction of Roßhaupten. Shortly before the hydro-electric station of Roßhaupten, the road leads you along the Illasbergsee, which gives you a breathtaking view of the alpine panorama, the Forggensee (lake) to Füssen and the castles. In a bend just before the dam wall, you will find a parking place and vis-à-vis, the departure point of the Forggensee boats. Travel time two hours. Timetable information here.

    • Afterwards there is the possibilty to visit the information centre of the hydro-electric station in Roßhaupten.

    • Driving back until you cross the B17 road - turn right until you will see Buching and on the left, the Buchenberg lift and the carpark.

    • Take a trip with the Buchenberg lift to the Buchenberg alp The double chairlift brings you up to 1,142 m and the Buchenberg alp offers you a most fantastic view of 12 lakes and panorama wonderland – the delicacies from the region. The paragliders also start from this point.

    Total driving distance: 21 km

Forggenseeschifffahrt mit Panoramablick

Allgäu Riviera

Cheese Dairy, Brewery House

• Drive by car on the district road OAL 1 in the direction of Roßhaupten passing the Illasbergsee (lake) with a spectacular view of the panorama alps - over the dam wall of Forggensee until you reach the signpost, Füssen – turn left and follow the B16 to the roundabout at Füssen and take the first right to Hopfen

• This will lead to Hopfensee, the Allgäu Riviera. We suggest a romantic walk around the lake.

• Continuing to drive - or you can walk approx. 5 km - to the Allgäu cheese dairy. The dairy Lehern is a small cooperative dairy of eleven farmers to develop their milk product to its highest quality level. Also nearby, you may visit the cheesemaker of Ehrenberg-Weizern. More information: and

• Visit the brewery house "Maria Hilfbräu" in Speiden.

Return to Halblech via Füssen.

Driving distance: 56 km

Alternatively, to Eisenberg - Schlossbergalm

• Hike to the Castle ruins of Eisenberg and Hohenfreyberg. Pfronten is not far away.

• Before Pfronten, a single lane leads to the castle ruin Falkenstein. King Ludwig II planned for his next castle here. You will see more information about the Falkenstein museum later. The road to the castle ruin

after the junction Schloßangeralp, is only one lane.

Traffic lights regulate the cars on this road.

Ruinen Hohenfrey- und Eisenberg

In addition to these Cultural Experience recommendations (duration 7 days) , we could present you with many other possibilities for extra days, for instance Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mittenwald and Munich.

The menu point worth seeing at a glance offers you more additional ideas concerning culture.

Also the menu point: Allgäu Summer provides you with topics on nature, hiking and cycling.

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